Our company: Naturnoa Horticultura Sostenible S.L.Naturnoa, siembra sostenible

Naturnoa is a family company, created from a passion for life and a natural, healthy and quality food. We are driven by the desire to return to our origins, to recover the piece of us often latent, for rediscovering the satisfaction of doing things for ourselves and be able to feed our families with grown products cultivated with our own hands, on a sustainable way as well as being respectful with the nature.

100% natural seeds

Our commitment is to offer 100% natural seeds without harmful additives or small letters.

In Naturnoa we guarantee that our seeds will come to your hands without any chemical treatment. Most of our seeds have also been produced by organic farming methods, more respectful of the environment and the people who grow them.

We firmly believe that the seed should come to our hands in a pure state and we also believe that we are who must decide about how to grow our food: either based on the recommendations of organic farming or what we consider most beneficial for our health and ours.

Of course, in Naturnoa we are totally against the use of any transgenic products and therefore never sell or perform tests with genetically modified seeds.

Seed quality

The distinguishing factor of all our professional quality seeds is: 1. Storage conditions of our seeds are always optimal. For its qualities to remain intact, we never make suffering our seeds in a showcase or a sunny window. The ideal conditions of light, temperature and humidity are our obsession. 2. You will always receive seasonal seeds because we are continuous renewing our stock of varieties, ensuring their optimal use period. So you always have fresh seeds with a germination rate above commercial standards.

We are pleased to offer a premium product, taking care of until the last detail in their quality and appearance :)

Seeds adapted to your lifestyle

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, there will always something you can experience farming, especially with our varieties suitable for pots, small containers, tables cultivation and urban gardens.

Our seed packets contain enough amount for a small vegetable garden. Designed to meet the needs of small farmers and gardening enthusiasts, so you can grow with the highest quality and freshness.

Variety is the spice

Within our catalog you will find many varieties, both of seeds for vegetable and herbs. We also have traditional varieties, in the characteristics and dignified taste of gourmet palates.

We encourage your garden unique and genuine: try new things, experiment, taste ... You command: design your garden!

Official certifications for our seed

Our company is registered in the Official Register of Suppliers of Plant Material of Asturias, with registration number ES-03-33 / 0514. This certification has been granted by the Agri-Food Development Service of the Ministry of Livestock Farming and Natural Resources of Asturias, in Spain.

Besides our organic seeds are certified by the Board of Organic Farming of the Principality of Asturias (COPAE) with registration number 0091I. The COPAE is the public body responsible for certifying organic products in the Principality of Asturias.

Contact information

Naturnoa Horticultura Sostenible S.L.

C / Traspalacio 7

33180, Noreña (Asturias)


Phone: +34 654 31 70 59

Email: info@naturnoa.com