Tomato Ananas - untreated seeds

Long cycle variety with indeterminate growth giving very large fruits (250 to 400 g) whose slice resembles that of pineapple. Its very dense, firm, juicy and sweet yellow-orange pulp has few seeds.

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To know the right moment to sow our seeds we have to know the climate of our area, tomato seedlings are sensitive to cold, so their transplantation must be carried out when there is no risk of frost, we will make the seedbed about 2 months before the date we wait for the last frost.

We will make the seedbed indoors, for this we will use a good quality substrate, with enough nutrients for the plants to grow strong in their first stage.

We will bury the seed approximately 1 cm and we will keep the substrate moist.

We will place the seedbed in a warm place, the temperature of the substrate must be at least 15ºC for our seeds to germinate correctly, after about 7 days we will see the sprout appear.

Once the first sprout appears, we will take our seedbed to a bright place, otherwise the plant will rhyme.

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REF446 (20 semillas)
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