fodder cabbage - giant collard greens - untreated seeds

The plant reaches about 1.50 m in height and the large leaves are collected Cabbage of great bearing very resistant to the cold that once developed provides a continuous harvest of leaves generally destined for animal consumption

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REF553 (25 gr - 7500 semi aprox)
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The giant mackerel cabbage is a very homogeneous and productive cabbage. Its stems are wide and fleshy and can reach more than 1 m in late winter. It is an excellent variety of cabbage recommended for animal feed.

The Protéor forage cabbage is also very cold hardy and therefore ideal in regions with severe winters.

Reproducible seed. From conventional cultivation. No post-harvest treatment. Our Protéor cabbage seeds are not hybrids. Soil: Protéor cabbage likes rich, cool, slightly clayey soils. Sowing: Sow your kale seeds in a nursery from March to May. Transplant them into the ground 6 to 8 weeks later. Direct sowing on site in July-August (30g per 100m²). C

ultivation: Plant a cabbage plant every 60 cm in row and 50 cm between rows. During vegetation, add a complete fertilizer to promote head formation. Water regularly and keep the soil clean. Harvest: Harvest your Protéor cabbages from September to the end of March, all winter long. Cut sheet by sheet according to the needs of the animals. Tips: Protéor forage cabbage is mainly used for animal feed (rabbit, cattle, sheep, etc.). The leaves can eventually be eaten in a soup, but this plant is still an "acceptable" vegetable.

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REF553 (25 gr - 7500 semi aprox)
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