Jalapeño Hot Pepper - untreated seeds

The Hot Jalapeño Pepper is one of the most famous in the world. It is a tall plant (up to 1 meter) very productive. The heat level of your peppers is medium to high. Its fruits, about 6 cm long, mature from dark green to red, with thick pulp and rounded tips. The seeds that we offer you of this variety are Ecological.

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It is the hot pepper most used in chili competitions throughout the American continent and its level of heat varies depending on its cultivation and preparation. It is the most widespread in Mexican cuisine. It can be consumed when it is still green, although its flavor has a slight sweet touch when it turns red. It is a very versatile pepper. Raw or prepared, it can be used sliced ​​to give life to a pizza or a simple sandwich. It is added to soups, stews, sautéed, fried, sauces, roasted with meats or in fillings, smoked and pickled.

Sowing is between February and May. The pepper needs at least 20 ° C to germinate, so it is always recommended that they be planted indoors in seedbeds. We will sow 2 or 3 seeds for each small seedbed approximately 1 cm deep. We must keep the earth always moist. Later, when it is warm enough, we can transplant to the vegetable garden or pots. Like all peppers it needs enough heat and lots of light. We must also water them a lot but without flooding, so we will get them to bear more and better fruit.

The fruits ripen in about 75 days. To collect, we cut the fruits with scissors, we should not pull the peppers because we could damage the plant. As they mature, their itching increases. By collecting we favor a higher production. It is important that when you touch the seeds for sowing and the peppers for harvesting, do not touch your face before washing your hands, as they can cause burning. They can be stored in pickles, frozen or dried.

Peppers provide our diets with a large amount of vitamins, fiber, potassium and antioxidants. The red varieties also have a higher amount of vitamins C and A. The pepper has stimulating, digestive, cardiovascular and disinfectant properties. Provides the body with an important dose of silicon and fluoride, which is very important for nails, hair and skin. Among its benefits we can highlight that: it neutralizes acidity, improves rheumatism and arthritis, activates the functioning of the liver and is a vasodilator. Its consumption is important to prevent the appearance of degenerative and chronic diseases.

On the other hand, capsaicin, which is what gives hot peppers their heat, has a natural antibiotic action, which is why foods prepared with chilli peppers are better preserved. They also have some analgesic effect. A moderate amount promotes digestion by stimulating the stomach lining and gallbladder function.

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REF036 15 semillas
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